IDX Broker software makes finding Southampton, Pennsylvania property a Quick Search on website of Al Ferraguti
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IDX Broker software makes finding Southampton, Pennsylvania property a Quick Search on website of Al Ferraguti

EUGENE, OR – November 11, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — Al Ferraguti of Tri-County Realty has adopted a customized IDX solution from IDX, Inc. for his professional real estate website. As a member of the Trend MLS, Ferraguti has long has access to the immense database of property listings Ferraguti hosts. Now, clients of Ferraguti and potential buyers utilizing the innovative IDX solution he employs can experience an unprecedented level of access to CLIN listings conveniently from the search page. The online property search in Southampton, Pennsylvania has been revolutionized by IDX Broker and Al Ferraguti.

The custom IDX Quick Search feature offers Ferraguti a plethora of search options for a truly integrated IDX solution. He can use the generated code and plug it directly into his existing website, or he can export the generated HTML for even better integration. Using the unique Web 2.0 drag and drop interface, Ferraguti can completely customize which search fields he wants to display in his quick search widget. He can even rename the column labels, set the font, font size and weight, or even add his own code and CSS to personalize it completely. The possibilities for complete integration are endless.

With such dynamic administrative options, Ferraguti needs the ability to access these tools on-the-go . The IDX Broker application helps to make his business mobile, by allowing him to display and update listings from an iPhone or iPad. Never has such a remarkable online IDX solution been so easy to access or manage. With his IDX Broker subscription, Ferraguti has forever changed the way his Iowa clients search for homes online, and in the process, the way he conducts his online real estate business.

About Al Ferraguti-

Al Ferraguti is a real estate broker with Tri-County Realty of Southampton, Pennsylvania.

About IDX, inc.-

Based in Eugene, Oregon, IDX Inc. is nationally known as a leading provider of real estate search applications. IDX, Inc. actively manages over $1 trillion worth of active listings data from over 450 individual Multiple Listings Services (MLS). IDX, Inc. provides integrated IDX software, customizable listing search utilities and lead management tools for real estate based websites ( IDX Broker ). In addition to the primary web-based software, IDX also provides an integrated WordPress widget for use in WordPress based blogs and websites ( IDX Broker WordPress Plugin ) as well as a dedicated mobile application available for the iPhone and iPad ( myAgent IDX ). The entire suite of real estate software available from IDX is easy to manage and maintain and helps real estate professionals display real estate data from their multiple listing service (MLS) regardless of their technical ability. For more information on all the services provided by IDX, Inc. please visit