Tell Your Reps To Support Funding to Save Homes and Jobs
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Tell Your Reps To Support Funding to Save Homes and Jobs


Glenside, PA – June 24, 2009 – (RealEstateRama) – Critical state programs that create jobs, save homes and build our economy and communities are on the chopping block. Please ask your state Representatives to sign the “Dear Colleague” letter supporting funding for Housing and Redevelopment Assistance, New Communites and HEMAP.

Over the past two years the Housing and Redevelopment Assistance (HRA) line item of the state budget ALONE has produced some 4,000 jobs and helped save 7,000 homes. It has also generated demand for products manufactured in PA. The Main Street and Elm Street programs have brought new investment to downtown communities throughout the state. And HEMAP has helped 4,700 homeowners, and repayments to HEMAP actually produce a profit for the state. That’s how motivated homeowners are to keep their homes.

With the Senate’s proposed cuts to HRA, Main and Elm Street and HEMAP, our communities and local economies risk back-sliding, job loss and the deterioration of their housing markest. These proposed cuts are clearly “penny-wise and pound-foolish.”

The Housing Alliance is asking our state Representatives to sign a “Dear Colleague” letter to their respective Appropriations Chairman supporting HRA, New Communities (Main and Elm Street), HEMAP and legal aid to help people save their homes. There is a Democratic Letter to Reps. Evans and Eachus and a Republican letter to Reps. Civera and Smith. (This is because the budget is developed by each party caucus. The content in each letter is the same.)

Action Needed
Invite your representative to sign the “Dear Colleague” letter supporting continued investment in our communities, the housing market and our local economies. A request from local voters carries weight.
The letters are in circulation in the General Assembly. Just call your Rep. and urge them to sign on the dotted line. The deadline for Representatives to sign is next Monday, June 29. To find your Representatives, go to:


The mission of The Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania is to ensure that all Pennsylvanians, especially those with low incomes, have access to safe, decent and affordable homes.

Formed in 1985, (originally as the Pennsylvania Low Income Housing Coalition), the Housing Alliance is a growing and influential membership organization, with over 500 organizational and individual affiliates statewide.


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